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Pet Hair Analysis Testing

For an extensive Hair Analysis test to be done, a report and remedies posted directly to you please follow the instructions below and making sure to fill in the information sheet provided.
We accept PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. 
Payment needs to be received/cleared before Hair Analysis will be preformed.

Race Horse                            $195

Horse (Other)                        $165

Feline (Cat)                            $160

Canine (Dog)                        $160

Other Animal                       $160


Download Animal Hair Analysis Information Sheet

A Hair Analysis can explain many things such as:

 - Presence of toxic metals
 - Inflammation
 - Nutritional deficiencies and excesses
 - Organ, gland and tissue function
 - Thyroid and adrenals
 - Blood sugar
 - Diseases
 - Vitamins and minerals
 - Poisons
 - Moulds and fungi
 - Skin issues
 - Allergies - food & environmental


 -  Simply choose a small sample of your animals hair/fur around the same size as a 20 cent piece.  Try to 
      take the sample from as close to the skin as possible without injuring the animal.

 -  Place the hair sample in an envelope.

 -  Print off and fill in the PDF information form below and enclose with your hair sample.

 -  Please have as much information and detail on the symptoms that your animal may be experiencing
     along with your personal details and address to post your report and remedies to.

 -  Once we receive your sample it can take up to 10 days to process.

 -  We will post your report along with your animals homeopathic drops with the remedies needed for your
      animal to the address you provide on the information sheet.

 -  All information on directions in administering your remedies for your animal will be given to make it an 
     easy step process.

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