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$77.00 AUD  

Researched Racing Formula 100ml

This Racing Formula has been set up to maximise the muscle and metabolic efficiency leading up to race day.  During a race the greatest  are for stamina, endurance and both muscle and lung efficiency.

Our homeopathic formula capitalises on being able to help magnesium transport to the muscles and oxygen uptake in the lungs.  This keeps the lactic and build up to a minimum without breaking any rules of artificial stimulants or additives.  A "nose" is the difference between a win and a loss so capitalising on this formula is essential.


1 week pre race: 20ml per day for two days then 30ml three times per day for two days.  Finish 3 days pre race day.


agnus castus (Dilution:30C)

apis mellifica (Dilution:200C)

arnica (Dilution:500C)

bryonia (Dilution:100C)

calcarea carbonica (Dilution:12C)

calcarea fluorica (Dilution:12C)

hepar sulphuris calcareum (Dilution:200C)

ledumpalustre (Dilution:3C)

psorinum (Dilution:1M)

pulsatilla (Dilution:1M)

ruta gravoelens (Dilution:30C)

sticta pulmonaria (Dilution:30C)

thuja occidentalis (Dilution:100)

zinc (Dilution:100C)

carbo vegetabilis (Dilution:12C)

scutellaria lateriflora (Dilution:500C)

nitricum acidum (Dilution:500C)

radium (Dilution:500C)

rhus toxicodendron (Dilution:200C)

kali phosphoricum (Dilution:200C)

magnesium phosphoricum (Dilution:200C)

chelidonium majus (Dilution:6C)

adrenalin (ilution:500C)

gonadatrophin (Dilution:500C)

TSH (Dilution:500C)

seratonin (Dilution:500C)

dopamine (Dilution:500C)

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