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Hot Spots are typically an inflamed infected area of the skin that develops rapidly due to your pet obsessively licking, scratching and biting on that one area.  This constant biting and licking can worsen the condition dramatically and lead to an infection.

Signs and symptoms:

  • red localised area

  • dry or weeping/oozing sores

  • inflamed and hot areas

  • itchy

  • hair loss

  • foul odour from affected area

  • continual chewing and licking affected area


There are many causes that can flare up hot spots:

  • flea allergies

  • use of pesticide/herbicide, flea or worming medication

  • vaccination

  • splinter or thorn

  • food allergies

  • insect bites

  • moisture from matted fur

  • cuts and scrapes

Hot Spots are quite painful and your pet won't like you touching the affected area.  The medical term for hot spots is pyotraumatic dermatitis or superficial pyoderma.

Hot Spot Remedy contains homeopathic preparation to help reduce and treat all aspects of hot spot irritations such as the itch, inflamed hot skin, pain, pussy sores and skin infection.

This complex helps to soothe the skin and heal quickly.  Homeopathic histamine is also added to this remedy to aid in relief from allergic reactions.

We also recommend a raw balanced diet with Omega 3, coconut oil and a quality probiotic.

Dosage consists of 10 drops.  For acute symptoms give a dose every 10 minutes for the first hour.  Then a dose every hour for the next 24 hours.  Then 5 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.

Ongoing allergies and skin infections can be a sign of a weakened immune system.   Please consider our Immune Boost as well as our Detox Complex to treat underlying health issues.

We also offer pet hair analysis which will give an overall picture of what's going on with your pets system.  You will receive an individually prescribed homeopathic complex specific for your pets condition.

More information on our hair analysis testing can be found in the Hair Analysis section in our shop.



epithelial cells (Dilution:6X)

corium (Dilution:6X)

alveoli (Dilution:200C)

sweat glands (Dilution:200C)

hair follicle (Dilution:200C)

mite toxin (Dilution:1M)

general insect bite toxin (Dilution:1M)

stinging insect bites (Dilution:1M)

rhus toxicodenron (Dilution:200C)

acid acetic (Dilution:6C)

psorinum (Dilution:200C)

silicea (Dilution:100C)

paeonia (Dilution:200C)

sulphur (Dilution:30C)

clematis erecta (Dilution:500C)

graphites (Dilution:500C)

sepia (Dilution:200C)

berberis aquifolium (Dilution:200C)

lycopodium (Dilution:200C)

bovista (Dilution:200C)

thuja occientalis (Dilution:200C)

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