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Our Respiratory Complex Formula covers all issues to do with:

  • Lung congestion

  • Asthma

  • Lung paralysis

  • Bronchitis

  • Pertussin

  • Coughs (dry or wet)

  • Pneumonia

  • Asthma

  • Croup

  • Catarrh

  • Influenza

  • Mycoplasma

  • Chlamydia

  • Sinus issues

  • Sore throat

  • Excess mucus

  • Coughing fits 

  • Lung worm

  • Breathing issues

Upper respiratory tract infections are quite common in animals with symptoms of laboured breathing (dyspnoea) or increased breathing (trachypnea).

Dogs and cats are most commonly diagnosed with the following respiratory infections:

  • Rhinovirus

  • Kennel Cough

  • Pneumonia

  • Lung worm

  • Canine Rhinovirus

  • Tonsillitis

  • Mycoplasma

  • Pseudomonas

  • Chlamydia

  • Bartonella bacteria

This complex is suitable for all ages and species displaying either acute and chronic respiratory issues.

The use of our Respiratory Complex Formula will help ease symptoms associated with respiratory issues.  Contains homeopathic remedies to help ease and clear symptoms.  Also contains homeopathic sarcodes to help strengthen the respiratory system and homeopathic nosodes to help with bacteria, virus' and parasites that affect the respiratory system.

Dosage: Homeopathic remedies

10 drops every 5 minutes until symptoms ease, usually after the first hour.  There after 10 drops on fur 4 times per day.

For acute symptoms, dose every 30 - 60 minutes for the first 24 hours, then 5 - 10 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.

Safe for all ages and species.


phytolacca (Dilution:200C)

tabacum (Dilution:200C)

sticta pulmonaria (Dilution:200C)

influenzinum (Dilution:1M)

argentum metallicum (Dilution:30C)

aconitum napellus (Dilution:30C)

veratrum album (Dilution:30C)

ferrum phos (Dilution:200C)

ammonium carbonicum (Dilution:200C)

arsenicum album (Dilution:200C)

baptisia (Dilution:6C)

Camphora (Dilution:6C)

Carbolicum acium (Dilution:12C)

drosera (Dilution:12C)

lobelia opurpurascens (Dilution:12C)

phytolacca (Dilution:12C)

sticta pulmonaria (Dilution:12C)

paranasal sinuses (Dilution:1X)

larynx (Dilution:1X)

trachea (Dilution:3X)

bronchi (Dilution:3X)

pleurae (Dilution:3X)

lungs (Dilution:1X)

mycoplasma (Dilution:10M)

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