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Diarrhea in animals can range from a mild episode to more severe issue with underlying causes.

The most common causes can be:

  • change in diet

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • ingestion of a foreign object

  • ingestion of expired food

  • parasites

  • viral infection

  • bacteria

Diarrhea Complex contains homeopathic nosodes of many pathogens that can cause digestive upset and mild to severe diarrhea along with homeopathic remedies to help calm, settle and heal symptoms associated with diarrhea.

It is important to keep a close watch on animals with diarrhea, as dehydration can set in very quickly.  The use of electrolytes such as hydrolyte can be used to help prevent dehydration.  This can be added to the drinking bowl or syringed into your pets mouth (small amounts often) if you pet is not drinking water from their water bowl.

Slippery elm powder can be used to line/lubricate the stomach, intestine and large bowel.  It has a soothing effect on the whole digestive system.  It can be mixed into food (1/4 teaspoon for small animal 1/2 teaspoon for large animal) with water until a runny consistency is achieved.  This mix can also be syringed directly into the mouth of animal.

Fasting your pet for 12 to 24 hours is recommended, then slowly introduce small amounts of bland food.

You will need to keep an eye on the stools your pet is producing once introducing food to make sure symptoms have cleared.

For acute symptoms we recommend dosing every 5 minutes for the first hour, then every 30-60 minutes for 12-24 hours.  Then 5-10 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.


Calcarea carbonica (Dilution:12C)

carbo vegetabilis (Dilution:200C)

chaparro amargoso (Dilution:12C)

ipecacuanha (Dilution:12C)

natrum sulphuricum (Dilution:6X)

podophyllum (Dilution:100C)

pulsatilla (Dilution:100C)

veratrum album (Dilution:100C)l

large intestine (Dilution:2X)

liver (Dilution:2X)

small intestine (Dilution:2X)

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