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$77.00 AUD  


The outward appearance of your horse is a wonderful indicator of its immune system and general wellbeing.

It should exhibit bright eyes, alertness and "spring in its step" , healthy hooves and feet, posture and clean legs, move easily and not "tie up".  Also optimum weight conditioning which also flows onto its coats appearance, healthy teeth and a good appetite.

Our Formula looks towards creating optimum stimulus in the immune, digestive and general health systems to reach these goals.


10mls in water every day.


arnica (Dilution:12C)

calcarea carbonica (Dilution:30C)

carbo animalis (Dilution:1M)

ferrum metallicum (Dilution:6X)

gelsemium (Dilution:30C)

graphites (Dilution:30C)

hypericum (Dilution:100C)

lycopodium (Dilution:10M)

rhus toxicodendron (Dilution:500C)

silicea (Dilution:30C)

system (Dilution:10M)

gland (Dilution:10M)

cellstructure (Dilution:10M)

energetics (Dilution:10M)

bladder (Dilution:10M)

brain (Dilution:10M)

duodenum (Dilution:10M)

gallbladder (Dilution:10M)

heart (Dilution:10M)

kidneys (Dilution:10M)

large intestine (Dilution:10M)

liver (Dilution:10M)

lungs (Dilution:10M)

pancreas (Dilution:10M)

small intestine (Dilution:10M)

spleen (Dilution:10M)

stomach (Dilution:10M)

skin (Dilution:10M)

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