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40.00 AUD  


Our Vaccine Detox Formula assists the detoxing of organs such as the liver, kidney and skin to eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

  • past and present vaccines

  • detoxes heavy metals from vaccines

Vaccine reactions are not always seen straight away.  Sometimes issues start arising a few months after the vaccine has been given, most commonly your pet might start with skin allergies, hay fever type allergies or an ear infection.

The debate on vaccines has always been some what controversial.  What ever your thoughts are on the matter, there is a possibility that some heavy metals in vaccines could build up in the system and cause issues.

When you consider the small size of your dogs organs compared to yours, it's easy to see that it wouldn't take too much exposure to too many foreign substances before your pets toxic load became too heavy to manage.

When your pets own natural detoxifier system can't keep up with the toxic load, the body will try to remove waste in other ways, e.g., through the skin or mucous membranes.

Frequently a dogs itchy flaky skin, runny eyes, nose or mucous covered stool is the body's attempt to help the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins and other irritants.

Chronic conditions like hot red itchy and irritated skin sometimes with fur loss, ear infections and gastrointestinal disturbances such as intermittent vomiting, diarrhea or loose stools are often signs that there is a build up of toxins in your pets body and the system is under stress.

Ask your vet to perform a TITRE test or Vaccicheck to see if your pet requires further boosters.  This test will determine your pets immunity status.  The test is quick with results usually available the same day.

This will avoid over vaccinating and putting toxic load on your pets system.

Dosage: Homeopathic remedies

10 drops on to fur in between shoulder blades, four times per day. 

For acute symptoms, dose every 30 - 60 minutes for the first 24 hours, then 5 - 10 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.

Safe for all ages and species.


crotalus horridus (Dilution:30C)

malandrinum (Dilution:100C)

mezereum (Dilution:30C)

silicea (Dilution:100C)

vaccininum (Dilution:1M)

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