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$40.00 AUD 


Wart Away targets warts and various skin growths such as:

  • fig warts

  • fatty lipoma

  • oral mucous gingiva

  • spongy growths

  • papillomas virus'

  • skin tags

Like humans, animals get warts and various skin growths and skin tags.

The Papillomas virus' are the cause of warts in animals.  Papillomas (warts) are a cluster of abnormal cells caused by the virus.  They appear in clusters or as a single wart.  Ticks and mosquitoes can spread the virus between animals.

In younger animals the warts tend to appear more on the head, face, mouth, neck and shoulders as the fur can be thinner in this area in younger animals.

Warts can develop in and around the throat and mouth area.  This is called mucous membrane papillomatosis.  It is usually harmless but can interfere with eating and drinking.

Horses develop warts on the nose, lips, eyelids, legs, genitals, udder and inside the ears.  The virus often infects the animal through broken skin.

If your pet is presenting with warts, it shows the immune system is weakened.  We offer pet hair analysis which can give us a picture of what's happening with your pets system and which specific virus' your pet has.  This will enable us to make a homeopathic prescription specifically for your pets issues.

Wart Away Formula uses homeopathic nosodes and classic homeopathic remedies to help fight off viruses associated with warts and remedies to heal and repair the skin.  Also helps heal various skin tags, growths and fatty lipomas.

Initial dosing of 10 drops 5-6 times a day for 2 days.  Then dose 10 drops 3-4 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.

Safe for all ages and species.


verucca (Dilution:10M)

castoreum (Dilution:500C)

thiosinaminum (rhodallin) (Dilution:500C)

thuja occidentalis (Dilution:500C)

ferrum picricum (Dilution:500C)

lycopodium (Dilution:500C)

rhus toxicodendron (Dilution:500C)

dulcimara (Dilution:500C)

carbo animalis (Dilution:500C)

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