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Our HOMEOPATHIC`s are sold in a clear liquid form, suspended in a 15% alcohol solution - no odour with only a slight taste due to the alcohol , this enables easing dosing for all species.

Storage: Store out of sunlight below 30c.

For our customers with Equine`s, we recommend to not leave bottles in the stables, but to store in the fridge to keep a consistent temperature.

Dosage can be administered either by mouth, by simply lifting the side lip and squirting drops along gum line.


You can drop 10 drops on to fur and then rub into body with the bottom of the homeopathic bottle, if you pet is long haired you will need to part the fur and place drops in between parting.

If your pet is displaying discomfort we recommend frequent dosing, give a dose (10 drops) every 5 , 10, or 15 minutes, depending of degree of discomfort.

Example: animal has ear infection and has symptoms of pain, head shaking/tilting, trembling, off balance, not wanting to open mouth to yawn or eat ect, we recommend the following dosing schedule :

Day 1

10 drops  every 5 min for 30 minutes

10 drops every 15 min for 60 minutes

10 drops every 30 min for 3-12 hours

Day 2 

Assess your animal, you may decide to give a dose every hour or move to the standard dosing of :

10 drops 4 x a day

If you are going to be away from your pet we recommend putting 10 drops in to their water bowl, this way they can get a dose when they have a dink.

Animals who are sick, in pain, suffering shock, fevers, or injuries require "Frequent" dosing, frequent means every few minutes in urgent situations and perhaps a dose every hour in less urgent situations. 

The bottom line
Respect homeopathy but don't be afraid of it. Remember to pay attention to the animal and how they are responding, and adjust your treatment accordingly.  


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