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$40.00 AUD 


Our homeopathic formula helps eliminate worms and parasites from your pets system safely.  Our formula targets worms, parasites and settles down irritations and inflammation that occur due to having these parasites.

Intestinal Worms

  • hookworm

  • fluke worm

  • amoeba

  • toxoplasma

  • round worm - nematodes

  • threadworm

  • tapeworm

  • whipworm

  • lung worm

We offer a safe alternative to pesticide type wormers such as Nexguard, Sentinal, Bravecto, Advocate, Drontal, Capstar, Revolution, Frontline etc.

These medications are poisons (herbicides/pesticides).  They run through the animals blood to kill parasites and this can cause major issues with your pets system causing all sorts of short and long term health issues, even death.  Pesticides and herbicides do not belong in our pets bodies!!  Pet owners have reported serious side affects after giving herbicide/pesticide based wormers to their pets.  Below is a link to some of the affects.

Please research and make an informed choice about your pets health.  There is also a facebook group called "Does braecto kill dogs? which has some good information.

Our formula is very easy to use.  Simply place 10 drops onto fur and rub into with the bottom of the bottle.

Initial dosing is 10 drops 5-6 times a day for 2 days.  Then dose 10 drops 3-4 times a day.  Can also place 10 drops in animals water bowl.

Safe for all ages and species.


hookworm (ancylostoma canium) (Dilution:10M0

fluke worm (trematoda) (Dilution:10M)

amoeba (Dilution:10M)

toxoplasma (Dilution:10M)

round worm (nematodes) (Dilution:10M)

threadworm (strongyloides) (Dilution:10M)

tapeworm (cestoes) (Dilution:10M)

whipworm (trichuris trichiura) (Dilution:10M)

lung worm (angiostrongylus vasorum) (Dilution:10M)

aesculus hippocastanum (Dilution:200C)

ambrosia (Dilution:200C)

arsenicum album (Dilution:200C)

filix mas (aspidium) (Dilution:30C)

granatum (Dilution:100C)

naphthaline (Dilution:500C)

natrum phosphoricum (Dilution:500C)

santoninum (Dilution:100C)

viola odorata (Dilution:100C)

baptisia (Dilution:100C)

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