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$77.00 AUD  


As gastric ulceration is an extremely common ailment in performance horses, our homeopathic formulation is aimed at addressing this issue.

With thoroughbred race horses, the condition can be extremely performance limiting and is found in up to 90% of horses.

Young horses have a generally normal stomach but as they begin training, ulcers frequently develop.

Symptoms in mature race horses include poor body condition and eating problems, weight loss and often poor race performance.

As these horses are frequently stressed, there is excess gastric acid secreted which can lead on to ulceration.  Also, the horse is a continuous feeder and breaking his regime can also be a problem.  Normally the roughage it eats helps to buffer the acid pH which starts the ulceration process.  Hard training and racing can worsen this problem.

Dosage:  20-30mls per day in water until symptoms abate.


belladonna (Dilution:3X)

calcarea fluorica (Dilution:100C)

calcium fluoratum (Dilution:3X)

carbo vegetabilis (Dilution:30C)

hamamelis (Dilution:30C)

mercurius solubilis (Dilution:200C)

mezereum (Dilution:1M)

paeonia officinalis (Dilution:200C)

pyrogenium (Dilution:500C)

sulphur (Dilution:12C)

helicobacter pylori (Dilution:10M)

euphorbium (Dilution:3C)

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