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$77.00 AUD  


Our Anti Bleed Formula is designed to address the issues of relieving respiratory distress and bleeding issues experienced in some race horses.

The stresses exhibited within the capillaries in the lungs, and fibratic scar tissue are viral conditions and dusts from stables and dried feeds and considered the most likely cause of hypertensive alveolar capillary stress failure.

The blood pressure in the horses increase with exercise or racing and are the prime cause of this condition.  The thin nasal membrane tissues also can tear along with possible blood vessel rupture in the lungs.


Suggested usage of our Anti Bleed Formula is 20ml daily prior to heavy training and 20ml daily for 1 week up to 3 days prior to a race meeting.


Ferrum Phosphoricum (Dilution:30C)

Calcarea Sulphurica (Dilution:30C)

Kali Sulphuricum (Dilution:30C)

Natrum Sulphuricum (Dilution:3X)

Hamamelis (Dilution:6C)

Ipecacuanha (Dilution:200C)

Lachesis (Dilution:200C)

Millefolium (Dilution:200C)

Petroleum (Dilution:30C)

Phasseolus (Dilution:100C)

Phytolacca (Dilution:100C)

Psorinum (Dilution:1M)

Pulsatilla (Dilution:30C)

Sabina (Dilution:30C)

Strontium Ioatum (Dilution:30C)

Trillium Pendulum (Dilution:200C)

Arnica (Dilution:12C)

Spongia Tosta (Dilution:100C)

Stannum Metallicum (Dilution:100C)

Apis Mellifica (Dilution:30C)

Apocynum Cannabinum (Dilution:30C)

Digitalis (Dilution:30C)

Helleborus (Dilution:30C)

Sambucus Nigra (Dilution:30C)

Pharynx (Dilution:3X)

Larynx (Dilution:3X)

Trachea (Dilution:3X)

Bronchi (Primary) (Dilution:3X)

Bronchi (Seconary) (Dilution:3X)

Bronchi (Tertiary) (Dilution:3X)

Bronchioles (Dilution:3X)

Alveoli (Dilution:3X)

Pleural Membrane (Dilution:3X)

Left lung (Dilution:3X)

Right lung (Dilution:3X)

Diaphragm (Dilution:3X)

Nose (Dilution:3X)

Nasal cavity (Dilution:3X)

Anterior nares (Dilution:3X)

Posterior nares (Dilution:3X)

Respiratory region (Dilution:3X)

Lateral wall (Dilution:3X)

Nasal septum (Dilution:3X)

Nasal mucous membrane (Dilution:3X)

Arteries (Dilution:3X)

Veins (Dilution:3X)

Nasolacrimal duct (Dilution:3X)

Respiratory system (Dilution:3X)

paranasal sinuses (Dilution:3X)

Larynx (Dilution:3X)

Trachea (Dilution:3X)

Pleurae (Dilution:3X)

Diaphragm (Dilution:3X)

Mediastinum (Dilution:3X)

Lungs (Dilution:3X)

Sub-mucous layer (Dilution:3X)

Lymph vessels (to pretracheal gland) (Dilution:3X)

Lymph vessels (to pretracheal gland) (Dilution:3X)

Nerves (from vagus nerve) (Dilution:3X)

Nerves (from recurrent laryngeal nerves) (Dilution:3X)

Intra pulmonary bronchi (outer fribrous coat) (Dilution:3X)

Intra pulmonary bronchi (bronchial muscles) (Dilution:3X)

Intra pulmonary bronchi (mucous membrane) (Dilution:3X)

Intra pulmonary bronchi (terminal bronchioles) (Dilution:3X)

Intra pulmonary bronchi (alveoli) (Dilution:3X)

Aspergillus flavus (Dilution:10MM)

Aspergillus fumigatus (Dilution:10MM)

Aspergillus glaucus (Dilution:10MM)

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