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Available in two sizes

250g $55.00 AUD inc gst

500g $93.50 AUD in gst

250g $55.00 AUD 

500g $93.50 AUD in gst

Greasy Heel Cream 

Greasy Heel (Mud Fever) is a condition often occurring where horses are standing in a wet muddy yard or wet or semi water logged paddock areas.

The condition appears as cracked, greasy or inflamed skin on the heels and posterior pasterns.  It is particularly found on non pigmented skin (white socks) and is most commonly caused by fungi, bacteria and mites.

The skin area under an outer scurf becomes irritated, itchy, red, cracked and oozing a thick mucous-like "greasy" fluid.


Our Greasy Heel Cream is a formulation of natural ingredients which have been blended to a consistency that is easy to apply but forms an excellent barrier to wet conditions and protects and heals the affected area.


It is impervious to water and moisture thus ensuring a rapid healing of the area.  The cream contains a proprietary blend of oils and waxes and is also impregnated with a healing homeopathic mixture.  This product has been veterinary tested and is considered superior to other available products previously used over the years.

Directions: Apply liberally to affected areas 2 - 3 times a day.


dermatophilus congolensis (greasy heel) (Dilution:10M)

adenase (Dilution:10M)

lecithinase (pathogenic enzymes assoc with greasy heel) (Dilution:10M)

calcium (Dilution:3C)

magnesium (Dilution:3C)

bicarbonate (Dilution:3C)

psorinum (Dilution:500C)

syphilinum (Dilution:1M)

medorrhinum (Dilution:1M)

Bacillinum (Dilution:1M)

Calcarea carbonica (Dilution:30C)

Causticum (Dilution:30C)

Graphites (Dilution:30C)

Hepar sulphuris calcareum (Dilution:30C)

Lycopodium (Dilution:30C)

Oleaner (Dilution:500C)

Phosphorus (Dilution:500C)

Secal cornutum (Dilution:500C)

Silica (Dilution:500C)

Epidermis (Dilution:3X)

Epithelial cells (Dilution:3X)
Corium (Dilution:3X)

Alveoli (Dilution:3X)

Cytoplasm (Dilution:3X)
Cytocentrum (Dilution:3X)

Nucleus (Dilution:3X)

Epiermis (Dilution:3C)

Epithelial cells (Dilution:3C)

Corium (Dilution:3C)

Alveoli (Dilution:3C)

Hair follicle (Dilution:3C)

Matrix of nails (Dilution:3C)

Germitive layer (Dilution:3C)

Basal cell layer (Dilution:3C)

Prickle cell layer (Dilution:3C)

Granular layer (horny zone) (Dilution:3C)

Clear later (horny zone) (Dilution:3C)

Horny layer (horny zone) (Dilution:3C)

Connective tissue (reticular layer) (Dilution:3C)

Connective tissue (papillry layer) (Dilution:3C)

Muscular fibres (Dilution:3C)

Arteries (Dilution:3C)

Veins (Dilution:3C)

Lymph vessels (Dilution:3C)

Nerves (Dilution:3C)

Sebaceous glands (Dilution:3C)

Ducts (Dilution:3C)

Basement membrane (Dilution:3C)

Epithelial cells (Dilution:3C)

Sebum cutaneum (or debris) (Dilution:3C)

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