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The early 70's saw Ross combining a career in Electrical Engineering with further study in the totally different field of homeopathy, gaining a diploma in 1973.  This proved a valuable mix of disciplines as logic aided in the development of electronic techniques to improve the solving of animal and human health.

Over the past 44 years using bio-electrical testing with computer analysis, Ross has established outstanding results in general health treatments specializing in chronic illness.

Driven by the philosophy that nothing basically is incurable, (but simply not all answers are yet discovered).  The challenge to achieve greater results and speed of the healing  process remains the philosophy of the clinic.


With the introduction of powerful new software and computing systems, expansion of manufacturing and testing facilities, the Ross Martin Clinic is moving towards 2020 where a dedicated hardware/software package is to deal with bio-chemical, environmental and viral toxins in both humans and animals.

Current research is underway to break new boundaries of speed and analysis and depth of both cause and effect, utilizing new techniques both in hardware on board chips and software algorithms associated with these.

The clinics technical research department is using tuned laser systems to provide greater accuracy and speed of analysis as it moves towards setting goals in increasingly complex environmental situations world wide.

Bridging the gap between quantinised remote systems and advancing cloud technology with passive non or semi-invasive data entry will help to strengthen and blend diverse analytical processes currently available.

The clinic looks forward to building solid future partnerships with similar companies in the future.








We specialise in treating and testing humans and all types of animals including thoroughbred racing stock, livestock, poultry and family pets through Hair Analysis.

A hair analysis can explain many things such as:

 - presence of toxic metals

 - inflammation

 - nutritional deficiencies and excesses

 - organ, gland and tissue function

 - thyroid and adrenals

 - blood sugar

 - diseases

 - vitamins and minerals

 - poisons

 - moulds and fungi


 -  Simply choose a small sample of your hair or your animals hair/fur around the same size as a 20 cent                         piece. 

 -  Place the hair sample in an envelope or zip lock bag.

 -  Print off and fill in the PDF information form below and enclose with your hair sample.

 -  Please have as much information and detail on the symptoms that you or your animal may be experiencing

     along with your personal details and address to post your report and remedies to.

 -  Once we receive your sample it can take up to 10 days to process.

 -  We will post your report along with the homeopathic prescription drops with the remedies needed for you or           your animal to the address you provide on the information sheet.

 -  All information on directions in administering your remedies will be given to make it an 

     easy step process.


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